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Saranghae Aein
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This Might Have Been the Reality Jonghyun Wanted
Comedy, Romance
In which Jonghyun is blind to the obvious, even after it slaps him in the face.
2911 words

This was written for pikagyu as part of SHINee Secret Santa: 2010, originally posted here. Beta read by disinfected.

Jonghyun hated his job.Collapse )
15th-Nov-2010 04:52 am - Prank
Prank (part of the MBLAQ 30 Drabbles Challenge; prompt eleven)
Mir / Seungho
There's a reason why the members always make sure they don't fall asleep in the living room.
170 words

Naughty Maknae MirCollapse )
15th-Nov-2010 04:44 am - one piece
One Piece
Romance, Fluff
Stylistic lapslock
i sighed, somewhat content, and set on my way back home; back to him. my one piece of autumn without the bitter breeze.
365 words

the leaves fluttered past, dancing on the wind.Collapse )
15th-Nov-2010 04:35 am - Master fic list
Everything I've written can be found here. Sorted by length, then fandom, then pairing.

Collaborative fics with aidenrose are at interrobangfics along with a few fics I didn't feel like moving because I'm not sure if I'm going to finish them or start over from scratch...

click the cut~Collapse )
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